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ArtMedia Studios, LLC  provides highly professional graphic design and video production products for your school or business. We are passionate about creativity. Our purpose is to use our creative talents, knowledge, experience, and expertise to serve our clients in an affordable way.

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“Graphic Design & Video Production Solutions to Brand and Promote Your School or Business!”

About us

ArtMedia Studios, LLC is a new business operated by Randy Haney, who has taught art in high school for 35 years, the last 30 at Glen Rose High School. Randy approaches Graphic Design and Video Production from the view and experience of a veteran, working artist. He is passionate about his craft, loves schools and working with small businesses. Randy’s “second career” purpose is to provide professional graphic design and video production to schools and businesses, especially those that might not have access to high level visual products that he can provide.

A Lifetime Creative

with college degrees in art and theater

                  Randy Haney

          35 years  high school art & digital media

ArtMedia Studios can create a logo for your needs, or use your existing logo and do cool things like this…

ArtMedia Studios is a dream job for Randy who loves to solve graphic design and video production puzzles. Part of being a life long creative is the joy that comes from having made something that people love. With 35 years of experience working with high school students, Randy has the ability to create with his clients. When this collaborative  effort occurs, the results turn out beyond expectations.

Most people can feel overwhelmed at the idea of making a video to promote their business and might opt for recording a few words with their phone, using a selfie stick. ArtMedia Studios will do 90% of the work in crafting a highly professional looking video to promote your business or event. The client simply determines what they want to communicate to their audience, and that is all Randy needs to get the process rolling. 

Randy believes that creatives love to create, but not just for the sake of the project.  The real joy is how the project affects people. Randy has never approached art from the perspective of, “it’s all about the art.” His approach is focused on how the art positively affects the client and the audience. Randy is a Christian and believes that one of the best experiences in his life is the sheer joy of feeling God’s love flowing through him during the process of creating. “I look back on my life and see that a large part of my experiences and training has been to prepare me to serve others through the talents I have been given.”

“With 35 years of experience working with high school students, Randy has the ability to create with his clients. When this collaborative effort occurs, the results turn out beyond expectations.”



Video Production

ArtMedia Studios provides clients with professional video production services like promotional videos to advertise your business, facilities videos for schools looking to attract students and teachers, and sports videos to promote a team, game or event.

Ads and product movies

Graphic Design

ArtMedia Studios loves graphic design.  Randy can create a logo for your business, or enhance or animate your existing logo in ways that bring extra attention to your school or business. Randy uses a variety of software to create graphic design. In addition to digital art, Randy is a lifelong artist with decades of experience working in pencil, watercolor, oil, and wall paint.


Real Estate Drone Video/Photography

ArtMedia Studios creates attention getting real estate videos. If you are selling a property or need to show different phases of construction, we can accommodate your needs. Randy has his FAA Remote Pilot Certification, which most Realtors know is required by law. Anyone can purchase and fly a drone, but if you are using drone video/photography in a way that is considered commercial, like selling a home or property, promoting a business or event, even if it is your own, the FAA requires the operator of that drone to be certified.


Mural Painting

Randy has over 25 years experience painting murals for schools and businesses. Below is one of his most recent projects. He created this intimidating bullfrog for Lake Worth ISD. This painting was done on a wall in a commons area at Lake Worth High School.

Randy has painted dozens of murals in schools across North Central and West Texas over the past 25 years.


Promotional Videos

A promotional video for a great restaurant on the Square in Glen Rose, Texas.

A promotional video for Glen Rose Medical Center Physical Therapy’s Cryotherapy service.

An event video for LDL’s Paluxy Pedal Bike Ride.

An event video for Lions Club Invitational High School Basketball tournament.

A promotional video for Essential Partners

Special Occasion  Videos

“Make any occasion epic and beautiful”

An Epic Gender Reveal Video

Engagement Video

Graphic Design Projects

I created this logo for ArtMedia Studios. The lightening bolt represents the moment when creativity strikes .

Logo created for the Paluxy Pedal Bike Ride in Glen Rose, Texas.

Logo created for Glen Rose ISD with their 2019 school slogan.

Logo created for the LDL Educational Foundation

Logo created for Glen Rose ISD back in 2001.  Still very much in use today.

T-Shirt design created for the Class of 2020. The Latin phrase says, “Through difficulties to greatness.”

Each of these graphic designs were created for Lake Worth ISD. The school leadership wanted to improve on their old mascot, the bullfrog, and they wanted to show two things, a high school bullfrog and an elementary bullfrog, with the idea of emergence or breaking out through difficulties and excelling.

Real Estate Video/Photography


Real Estate Video for a Rental Property in Granbury, Texas.

Drone video showing off a very nice property outside of Glen Rose, Texas.

Drone video displaying the ability of ArtMedia Studios to place signage and logos on to surfaces.

Mural Painting

This was Randy’s first mural painted in 1995 at Glen Rose High School.

And this is the most recent mural painted in July of 2020 in Lake Worth High School’s Gym.

This LW Bullfrog was painted in the high school commons area.

Glen Rose High School’s cafeteria. This Tiger logo also created by Randy.

Star High School

Cafeteria at Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant

Lake Worth ISD’s School Board Room

Lingleville High School

Hamilton High School

Dublin High School

These pictures show some of the progression of a typical Mural Painting project. It starts as a conversation with the client, then proceeds with sketches, color sketches, digital renderings, and on to getting it on to the wall.  This wall and floor painting was done for the Tolar Rattlers in Tolar, Texas.

In addition to Video, Graphic Design, Real Estate Drone Video and Mural Painting, ArtMedia Studios provides School Athletic Organizations with a host of attention getting Video & Graphic Design options to promote your Team, School & Event.

ArtMedia Studios works with coaches and booster clubs to provide video and graphics to make your team look like the pros. Click on these examples of a Volleyball Roster Video and a Football Roster Video.

In addition to team roster videos, ArtMedia Studios provides graphic designs like these to promote and support teams, events, schedules, honors & award images ready to post on your school and individual social media sights.

Check out these samples of Scoreboard Graphics that can also be used to post to social media during the game.

Post “Game Day” graphics on your school’s social media. Here are a few samples along with an example of how to add sponsor graphics to help with costs.

Please contact ArtMedia Studios with any questions.


Prices vary from project to project. Please contact us about your needs and more specific prices can be discussed. 

ArtMedia Studios also partners with Education Service Center Region 18 to make contracting and billing easy for any school in Texas.

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